The calendar alternative for makers

beantime is a more organic way to plan and record your day, without rigid start and stop times.

Screenshot of the main screen of beantime

Timeboxing without the rigidity of a calendar

Built for the maker's schedule, beantime helps you plan your day, then ignore the clock.

Estimated finish

As long as you're working on any one of the tasks you've allocated time for, you can be sure you'll finish the day on time.

Forget about the order or having to readjust everything else when something goes over.


Quick view in the menu bar

See how much allocated time is left on your current task and the estimated finish time for the day, right on your menu bar.

Notifications keep you on track

Receive notifications when you've almost finished the alloted time for any task, again when time is up, and another when you've gone over.

Offline, private, and local-first

All your data is stored locally on your device only. There's no analytics, no telemetry and no cloud sync.

Download beantime for MacOS (Preview)